Staff Appraiser Program

Learn more about the Assurant Staff Appraiser Program

At Assurant, the aim of our Staff Appraiser program is to create a stable environment where our valued appraiser employees can thrive in the ever-changing valuations industry.

Our residential Staff Appraiser program provides appraisers with the opportunity to continue working in their preferred market, while offering the significant benefits that come with working for a Fortune 500 company. While Assurant focuses on driving assignments, our Staff Appraisers can focus on completing high quality work.

Become a Staff Appraiser at Assurant Valuations

When working with us, you can count on benefits such as:

  • Competitive salary
  • Transparent bonus plan
  • Health benefits (extendable to family) starting on Day 1
  • 401k matching and employee stock purchase program
  • Guaranteed paid time off
  • Monthly communication reimbursement
  • Car and travel allowance
  • Reimbursement for MLS subscription and report-writing software
  • E&O insurance completely covered by Assurant

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Benefits for Lenders

Assurant Valuations’ lender clients benefit greatly from the Staff Appraiser program, as it helps stabilize appraisal fulfillment across the country. Our valued lender partners also benefit from our Staff Appraisers’ high level of professionalism and their ability to tackle tough orders as they are received.

From engaging a local, knowledgeable appraiser for each work order to status updates to full compliance audit trails and more, we manage every part of the appraisal process for you, ensuring that your appraisal orders are taken care of from start to finish – as they should be.