StreetLinks QX™

StreetLinks QX™ is the culmination of a sophisticated and automated appraisal review utility and manual underwriting manager that can bring long-awaited confidence to your collateral review process.

This innovative technology was built with appraisal-based principles, giving StreetLinks QX the power to perform underwriter-quality reviews instantly. When using this tool, you can say goodbye to risky, redundant reviews.

The Brains of the Operation

The components of StreetLinks QX work together to bring clarity and confidence to your appraisal review process.

  • Questions
    StreetLinks QX’s intelligent rules engine scrubs each appraisal against hundreds of rigorously tested rules, which can be customized to fit your review needs.
  • Answers
    After the robust automated review, StreetLinks QX generates a compliant, detailed report that points your underwriting team directly to the areas that need their attention.
  • Directives
    The accuracy and transparency of StreetLinks QX’s automated and manual review sections gives you clear directives on the best actions to take with each loan.

StreetLinks QX™ Allows You to:

  • Dramatically reduce collateral underwriting time
  • Remove subjectivity across AMCs or underwriters
  • Execute and focus on manual examination requirements
  • Eliminate redundant review processes
  • Implement a concise approach to reviewing closed loan files
  • Confirm regulatory compliance

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