Assurant LenderX

With the right technology, you can take control of your appraisal management process. That is where Assurant LenderX comes in. Using your panel and your employees, our lender direct-engagement appraisal management software puts you in the driver’s seat while complying with regulatory standards.

LenderX provides the comprehensive, easy-to-use features you need to properly manage the appraisal process from beginning to end. With your team in charge, you can maximize quality and service levels and add value back to your bottom line.

LenderX enables you to:

  • Maintain appraiser relationships by inviting your preferred appraiser panel or simply recruit new appraisers from our directory
  • Streamline your appraisal review by using our fully integrated automated Assurant QX review technology
  • Outsource orders via Assurant Valuations’ AMC or directly to your preferred AMC through our AMC Connect feature
  • Ensure regulatory compliance via built-in safeguards, like our communication and activity logs
  • Configure your order process with status milestones unique to your company
  • Simplify your daily to-do list through the LenderX task dashboard


Stay compliant with changing appraisal regulations; at no cost to you, without changing the way you work.

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